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The Elephant in the room.

Hey World !!! Let’s talk about the Elephant in the room. Actually this “elephant IS the room.” Self-Health Care. Everyone is living in more fear than we have ever known because of a virus, yet we are not talking about what we can do to take care of ourselves so that for now and in the future, viruses aren’t “a thing” to worry about. I challenge everyone on the planet to ask yourself , “What am I doing to keep my SELF, my BODY, my MIND, my SPIRIT healthy?” We (all living beings) reside on this giant blue ball, this more than amazing thriving orb, suspended perfectly in space, in a perfect dance with the sun, planets and moon and stars. It’s a miracle. You and I, every single thing on this living planet is a miracle. So many things had to align for you and I to be here now.

Unfortunately we get distracted by the life we have created. For most, life pulls in directions that stress us rather than nurture us. So I’m here to encourage you to stop for a moment and rethink what you do in your day to day that is nurturing, that is nourishing to your body, mind and spirit. Imagine if our country, if the world that put great focus and priority on “what it takes to be healthy” from the beginning of a child’s life? Awareness of self , of others would be undeniable. Sickness and disease would be rare and most importantly people would be far more happy in life and to others. When we are healthy we are happier.

Healthy Relationships = Health: we have a relationship with EVERYTHING in our life. Here’s a challenge. On a piece of blank paper write your name in the middle, then draw a heart around your name. Next draw a line from that heart outward like a sun ray. At the end of the line write the word: “home”, then draw another line from the heart and write down “food”, then another and write “clothes”, then write “work”, tools, shoes, ….. etc. until you write all the things, jobs, activities, people and pets that are part of your life. With each one of these ask yourself what is your relationship like? Is it a reciprocal relationship? Is it positive or negative? Does it (the relationship) bring you joy while you give joy? If the answer is not yes, then there is a certain amount of stress that is being generated and that stress can lead to health problems. This exercise is one way to help bring awareness to everyday stressors. By being aware of the the stressors, it’s easier to change if you want them to change. These changes can lead to more freedom and feelings of wellness, peace and joy.

Acupuncture addresses the mental, emotional and physical being. You may first come in for a pain which will most likely be healed AND you’l most likely have other mental, emotional benefits too. It’s ALL about HOMEOSTASIS and remembering your incredible potential to feel well and happy. Come get your HAPPY on!