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Acupuncture Integrative Medicine Clinic


Please call to schedule with me, Ramsey Higgins, Licensed Acupuncture Physician

Presently my website is under construction, yet my practice is open and serving patients with Covid-19 protocols in place.

Thank you for your patience with my website.

Published by krhiggins22

Licensed Acupuncture Physician My passion is helping individuals reclaim health. When I was a new mother I quickly learned that western medicine had its limitations regarding deep healing, true healing of the mind, body and spirit. I fortunately found acupuncture as a means to fill that gap. I feel that all humans have the potential to feel well in many areas of life. I strive to help patients access their inner healing abilities to thrive. I do my part as an Acupuncture Physician and I hope that the patient is willing to do their part. Together we can make great progress in your well being. Together we create win win outcomes.

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